3D Printing In Progress

grenade design

Fused Deposition Modelling

Fused deposition modelling is fancy phrase for making new and even more realistic Safe Scenario Training Weapons.

Ultimat’s unique and extensive range of Safe Scenario Training Weapons is about to expand. With the opening of Ultimat’s ‘Print Farm’ utilising the very latest in 3D print technology and design we are set to launch a new range of replica items often used as weapons against those interacting with members of the public.

These new 3D bottles provide more realism to a product that has been one of our most popular scenario safe weapons. These new bottles not only look more realistic they come as either a full bottle or a full bottle that can be broken over and over again to provide further realistic training.

Holding the neck of the bottle, the bottom is simply struck on any solid surface, knocking the bottom section of the bottle off the main body and leaving a jagged yet safe broken bottle in your hand. The bottom section simply clicks back on for future training.

Another one of our most popular Scenario Training Weapons has been the utility knife which again has had a new and improved 3D printed version manufactured. Made using two types of rubber, the blade is much more flexible than the main body, reducing the chance of any significant injuries during training exercises.

The new Pineapple Grenade has been designed and manufactured using our new 3D printing technology. Using this method, the Grenade is now more detailed and has the addition of a removable pin.

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