ULTIMAT + Tony Blauer: working together to bring High Gear Tactical Training Equipment to Europe

Ultimat and Tony Blauer

A New Collaboration The efficiency of sourcing the world’s very best officer safety training equipment and support is now transformed for Europe. Ultimat Defence, the UK’s leading physical intervention equipment supplier and inventers of confined space modular training environments, as well as being creators and visionaries in so many areas of officer safety training, are teaming up with the world renowned “Tony Blauer” and his unrivalled range of officer safety solutions. When sourcing equipment, all European agencies demand the very best “Total Training Solutions”, using proven, safe, efficient and technically…


Padded Training Baton

padded training baton

21″ Padded Training Baton: https://www.ultimatdefence.com/product-page/21-x-60mm-padded-training-baton 23½” Padded Training Baton: https://www.ultimatdefence.com/product-page/23-x-60mm-padded-training-baton 26″ Padded Training Baton: https://www.ultimatdefence.com/product-page/26-x-60mm-padded-training-baton




Foam Grenade: https://www.ultimatdefence.com/product-page/foam-grenade Pineapple Grenade: https://www.ultimatdefence.com/product-page/pineapple-grenade Heavyweight Pineapple Grenade: https://www.ultimatdefence.com/product-page/heavyweight-pineapple-grenade Heavyweight Lemon Grenade: https://www.ultimatdefence.com/product-page/heavyweight-lemon-grenade