Working Against the Odds

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We Continue to Support all our Essential and Key Workers

Since our last update released in February, it’s safe to say that we have all been going through some challenging times; Governments, Emergency Services, businesses and individuals throughout the world have had to adapt. No one would have predicted the severity and ever changing impact Covid-19 would make. Many of our customers including Police, Prison Service and the NHS have been at the sharp end of interfacing with the public who are unsure and worried about the future, and we have kept working to support them all. Right from the start of the Government’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak, Ultimat was identified as a key supplier and asked to keep suppling both front line specialist PPE and our extensive range of scenario training equipment.

We navigated some steep learning curves with rapid progress by creating social distancing working areas within a diverse manufacturing environment where many tasks are two or even three person dependant. Inevitably the changes needed have increased production time for some lines. However we are trying our best to minimise any increased manufacturing costs to clients, and are working hard to streamline new production processes. As some of you may know Ultimat also have a contact sports and martial art presence, making and suppling some of the best loved kit on the market for customers from recreational players to Olympians. This sector of our business has ground to a halt. We have, however, kept our staff in work and re-trained them in additional key skills. Every member of the Ultimat team have understood the importance of keeping the UK’s key workers supplied with goods and an enormous thank you goes out to all our wonderful staff.

Other areas of our main stream business for Government Agencies has had to be significantly adapted. Site visits, product demonstrations, dojo and training room installations have been suspended or carried out under extreme conditions as well as deliveries and incoming goods being placed under a strict quarantine regime. We have also secured new raw material suppliers where ‘Covid-19 uncertainty’ has affected existing businesses in our supply chain. We would like to thank all our clients for their, patience, understanding and continued co-operation.

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