A Busy Time Ahead

ultimat mats

Moving Forward

During the initial period of lock down we were unsure as to the immediate and long term effect that the Covid-19 pandemic would have on our business. However since the lock down started this has been a very busy period for us, with a constant demand for products to fulfil training requirements. We are aware that training methods in Officer Safety or Control and Restraint techniques will need to change for the foreseeable future in order to observe social distancing and protect officers. Additional stocks of materials to manufacture products such as strike dummies which reduce incidents of student personal interaction have already been purchased to help with this issue, as many of our products are manufactured from high quality, robust, specialist materials.

Ultimat have the largest selection of physical impact training equipment available, with hundreds of solutions available for each persons needs. We have reacted to and supported our clients’ criteria, where they now have to accommodate social distancing measures and greater health and safety demands during the training of their staff.

What Else Have We Been Doing?

In the last few months Ultimat have made significant investment into new plant and machinery for various elements of production. The first is a heavy investment into 3D printing and computing, not only to be able to manufacture new products directly, but also to allow us to design and manufacture moulds, trim guides and prototypes. Another area of investment includes a vacuum forming machine that will allow improvements in areas of product production, skilled outside production of components such as the new face visor for our new up and coming head guard, and specialised sewing machines that will allow the manufacturing of detailed and intricate products. Ultimat are planning to expand their range of products over the coming months and into the future so watch this space!

As well as new machinery Ultimat have also managed to go against the current flow of rising job losses in the UK, and have in fact taken on new staff ensuring better production times and manufacturing capacity. All these investments are aimed at not only the continued production of current products to our existing customers, but also gives us the capacity to supply existing and new product ranges to our expanding client base overseas.

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