Reduce Your Personal Contact

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With the ever increasing need for Officer Safety and Control and Restraint training to get back to pre Covid-19 schedules, Ultimat have already been asked to help with training equipment solutions that increase a participant’s personal space.

We have seen significant interest and increased orders for our Fall Guy strike dummies. Even though the Fall Guy is almost as old as Ultimat itself, it is a totally proven tool and still plays an important role in the training of officers for hand, leg and baton strikes as much today as it did twenty five years ago. With the current necessity for training at a social distance the Fall Guy is the perfect solution, reducing the need for close partner work where holding impact pads or wearing strike suits during certain scenarios of training can compromise personal space. Standing at 6ft tall, the Fall Guy freestanding strike dummy is capable of soaking up serious punishment. The Fall Guy can be struck in training situations where a partner would just not be able to take the physical demands. The head, arms and torso make for realistic scenario training and allows you to get up close and personal.

The cover of Fall Guy can be easily wiped clean allowing for multiple students to take turns. The Fall Guy weighs approximately 120kg and comes ready to use, it requires no hanging or complicated fastening system or adding of water or sand for ballast, and takes up less than 1sqm of floor space, it’s easy to use and maintenance free. If using the Fall Guy with batons, Ultimat recommend the use of a sacrificial bib that will help preserve the life of the Fall Guy, made from heavy duty PVC the sacrificial bib can prevent damage to the main body from burs on batons. Bibs can also be made in black, blue, red or green to differentiate one from another.

As well as the Fall Guy Ultimat also manufacture other Strike Dummies including the Tough Guy. This dummy has a head, arms and legs and is supplied with a strap that allows it to be hung from a wall mounted bracket. (Bracket not supplied).

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